The Lone Wolfe Truck

My first food truck design is now completed and ready to hit the streets. I'm pretty excited to have one of my designs wrapped around this truck, driving around town and making appearances at different food truck events.


The Lone Wolfe Truck is a Miami-based food truck specializing in Mexican gourmet grub. Be on the look out if you're in the South Florida area and make sure to go check them out.


Breakfast Club / Pigasus

Earlier this year, I got the chance to create the logo and kit for a cyclist team called "The BreakFast Club". The mascot of the team is a flying pig crossed with an unicorn or "pegasus" a.k.a "Pigasus". 

"Miami" T-Shirt

It all started when J Fletcher uploaded his "New York" Dribbble shot in february of 2013. Shortly after, other people from the Dribbble community and around the world (including me) were inspired to create their own shot of their home city, using Fletcher's style. 


This was my own version for Miami.


Later, the guys at Cotton Bureau approved my design to be printed in one of their shirts. You can check it out and buy here

D Tucker's New Logo

I got the opportunity to design the logo for a good friend of mine, Dwayne Tucker. Dwayne is an upcoming and very talented rap/hip-hop artist from the Bahamas making his way in what he calls his "second home", Miami. I'm honored to be part of his YACHTLIFE movement and I really look forward to what comes in the future. 

Visit to listen to his tracks, download his music, keep in touch with what's coming up and support this new artist. You won't be disappointed.


New Website

Working on my new portfolio website which will be launching soon. Stay tuned!